Well, it’s official, THE BITE IS ON!!! Offshore haddock fishing has been phenomenal and keeper bass are in. Let me just put it to you this way, I have been ground fishing for over 40 years and this is by far some of the best haddock fishing since I have seen from when I was a kid. Lot’s of haddock up in shallow water, how about 90ft or less which makes it for a real fun time of fishing. You do not need to spend time reeling in over 200-300 ft of line to get these fish in your cooler. We have limited out within 2 hours on the last few trips and have had some time to head inshore for a little striper fishing.

As for the striper bite, well that is definitely on as well. We have had many fish in the 26″-34″ range and there are larger one’s mixed in. Right now it is all light tackle striper fishing. We have been vertical jigging for them or using live bait and it has been on fire.

Now is the time to book your haddock or striper trip. The fishing is on fire right now and will only get better as the days pass. Haddock fishing is hot up in shallow water, come get in on this action before the fish move off into the deep. For the stripers, well, the big fish are here and here to stay for a while. Bring your family to get in on the action, have some fun filling the live well with mackerel and then using that for bait to catch a trophy striper.

We are running both boats now for the season. The Jersey Girl for inshore trips or on those greasy calm days when we can run at 40mph and we will be running the Reel Fin Addict for the offshore trips and those days where we need the extra comfort. If you have a preference on the boat, please ask. Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. 

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Back On The Water – Fishing Is Here – Book Your Fishing Trip or Whale Watching Adventure Today

Well, we are finally back on the water. After a long couple of months with colder weather, rain and wind, all of our boat maintenance is complete and the Reel Fin Addict was launched last Friday. She is back in her summer home at Brewers Plymouth Marine in slip B20, right across from the Surfside Smokehouse Restaurant on B dock. Come down to the marina for a bite to eat and check out the Reel Fin Addict’s catch of the day.

We are kicking off this week with Haddock trips as soon as the weather breaks. Haddock fishing has been excellent with limits of nice size haddock up in shallower water. Haddock fishing this time of year is nice because we get to fish the shallows and light tackle for them. So come on down to Plymouth and book your fishing adventure of a lifetime. Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. 

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Spring Has Sprung – We Are Getting Ready To Fish

We are almost there!!!! The temps are pushing 80 degrees today, we are probably 2 weeks away from seeing the first schoolie stripers showing up in our local Massachusetts waters and we are just days away from Haddock fishing.

We have been busy working on the boats the past few weeks and we are hoping to get the Reel Fin Addict on the water within the next week. There is a bit of a traffic jam in the boatyard right now but as soon as they starting moving, we are top on the list.

The Jersey Girl is just about finished as well and she will be in the water before the end of this week for our first run of the season. Weather permitting, we will be heading offshore looking for some early easter bunny gifts from the bottom, Haddock.

We have lots of new additions for both boats this year including new Lowrance Electronics, Penn Fishing Reels (big game and inshore), CMS Custom Rods and the list goes on. We are taking bookings now and the month of June is filling up for those early season striper trips where the top water action is EPIC. With the bigger boat in our fleet, we can comfortably run offshore for Haddock and Pollack for the early spring groundfishing. Get in on the action while it starts to heat up and we still have spots available. Remember, we generally book up about 3 weeks in advance of the date you may want when we get into May, June and July so book early. Contact Capt. Roland Lizotte for booking details and ask us how we can get you on the water for some Reel Time Fishing.

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2017 Is Here – Booking Fishing Trips, Bigger Boat, New Sponsors and More……..

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year to all of our clients and friends that have made our seasons so special over the last few years. Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. Reel Time Fishing Charters is happy to announce our new addition for 2017, the Reel Fin Addict. She’s a 33ft Shannon Brendan that’s over 13′ wide so she provides a very stable fishing platform and is a proven battle wagon. She is powered by twin Cummin’s diesel motors. The Reel Fin Addict will provide us with the added range (over 300 miles) and comfort for those offshore or overnight trips that many of you have been asking for!!!

20161212_13235720161212_132103 20161212_131837 20161210_113028 20160911_181428 20161029_125104









We have been busy working on our fishing gear and tackle, as well as some nice modifications to both the Jersey Girl and Reel Fin Addict. Both boats have had an overhaul in Lowrance Electronics with upgrades to Gen 3 10″ and 12″ models along with much more. We have added some new 80/50 class stand up gear with too much more to list.

More to come in the coming weeks from Reel Time Fishing Charters. Reel Time Fishing Charter gift certificates are still available. They provide great way to spend some time on the water with that special someone for birthday’s or Valentine’s day. Contact Captain Roland Lizotte @ 774-437-1882 for booking details. Book before March 1st 2017 and receive $50 off your half day charter or $100 off a full day charter. 

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Great Ending To The Summer – Fall Tuna Action On Fire

Well, first off, apologies for lack of posts during August and September, but we have been non-stop with striper trips. Most of the striper action has been confined to early AM or evening fishing with lots of overnight trips. We have caught stripers pushing close to the 50lb mark on most of our night trips, with lots of fish in the 30-40lb range. Thanks to our Lowrance HDS-7 and structure/side scan, we have been able to put our clients of fish effortlessly. The tuna action has also been nothing other than spectacular for the last 4 weeks or so. We have seen lots of fish in the 50-60″ range and these are perfect size fish to bring home for the dinner table.

20160923_084132 20160923_063054 20160923_082844






With the last few striper trips of the season and as we shift focus to tuna action, we will be running the Hydrasport 2390 with her Evinrude Twin E-Tec 150’s for the remainder of this year. Please be sure to contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details and how we can get you on the water this fall to “fill your freezer” for the winter time. 

20160820_100233 20160820_100229 20160813_171107 20160806_104903

We also added a new boat to our fleet, the Reel Fin Addict. She is a 33ft Shannon Brendan Downeast Express powered by twin Cummins 210 HP engines. She cruises at 20knts with top speed of 24knts. She doesn’t have the speed that our 150 E-Tec’s push the Jersey Girl along with but she does have the comfort and range for those long offshore trips to the Canyon’s and beyond. We will be running her during the 2017 season for offshore tuna trips, canyon trips and for those trips when the weather just isn’t as comfortable on an open boat. Check her out below, she is already proving to be a tank on the water this fall.

20160911_182631 20160824_182035 20160822_182743 26528

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July Striper Fishing At It’s Finest

Well, what can we say……July proved to be a great month on the water for Reel Time Fishing Charters. If there is one thing that remained relatively consistent during this month, it was the stellar striped bass fishing on light tackle and the typical New England Southwest winds. For the month of July, we had most trips seeing limits of striped bass with some fish topping the scales at 40+ lbs. Sharks have started to show up and the last couple of shark trips have produced some nice big blue sharks which have been fun to tangle with on light tackle as well. August is shaping up to be another great month for striper and shark fishing. Bluefin tuna have started to show up as well. Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 and ask how we can get you on the water this month. If you are interested in tangling with some monster striped bass, ask about our night fishing trips… will be an experience of a lifetime, we GUARANTEE IT!!!!

20160705_172559 20160804_195111 20160730_104851 20160730_104440 20160730_104226 20160725_091553 20160725_064258 20160717_161958 20160716_160113 20160716_154542 20160716_150128 20160716_145921 20160716_145751 20160716_053730

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The June Striper Bite Is Hot

And…….it continues. Finally some great weather with light winds and another great week of large light tackle striped bass. This week, we had Randy and crew aboard among others and everyone was treated with some great fishing and nice striper filet’s to take home for the grill.

Our days have started by leaving Brewers Plymouth Marine just after sunrise. After we start to make out way out, it’s been so nice to be greeted with no wind and flat calm, pond like conditions. This makes for such a nice ride across Cape Cod Bay at 30 knots. The twin Evinrude 150 E-Tec’s from Eagle Marine have provided the power and fuel economy we expect to get us to the fishing grounds quickly. There is something to say about the smaller twin motor’s as they are quiet, even at the higher RPM’s. At 30 knots, you can have a conversation as we run across the bay and the only noise you hear is the splash of the water when the hull kisses it.

20160625_061347 20160625_074906 20160625_095704 20160625_101207 20160625_103221 20160626_200630 20160626_200802 20160627_173609

Our last few trips have produced fish well over 20lbs on all types of tackle. We have had them on live bait, top water and vertical jigging on light tackle. There is nothing like catching these fish on light spinning gear or bait rods. The blistering runs these fish make, the burn in your arms as you try to get them to the boat all makes for a memorable experience.

Get in on some of this hot striper action over  the holiday weekend and week. With the nice weather, we are on the water almost every day so contact Captain Roland at 774-437-1882 for booking details!

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The Beat Goes On – Great Light Tackle Striper Action Continues………June 18th and 19th

Well, what can we say other than the striper fishing continues to be on fire right now and I hope all of the father’s out there had a great weekend. Yesterday was your day and if you were not on the water, hopefully you enjoyed your day!!!

I really wish the weather guys would get the wind predictions right. This summer so far has been all about the winds. Saturday when we left Brewers Plymouth Marine we were greeted with North winds blowing about 20 instead of the 5 knot or less that was foretasted. Sunday was more of the same the only difference was the wind was from the exact opposite direction coming out of the South. For those of you that have been on the our boat before, you know that means a sloppy 3-5ft sea and it can get wet. Well, Reel Time Fishing charters made an upgrade over the winter time to help combat the wet rides when the winds blow. We had a full enclosure made for the T-Top that completely keeps the wind and water out. It has made our Hydrasport Vector feel like a much larger boat as a result. With the trim tabs all the way down, the Twin Evinrude 150 E-tec’s from Eagle Marine pushed us along at a comfortable 23 knots in the slop with a very dry ride. Check out the photo of our new enclosure and turning this boat into more of a battle wagon than she already was!!!


With that said we had two great trips over the weekend producing lots of keeper sized striped bass along with a few trophy fish thrown into the mix. Even the captain was able to get in on the action. Both days we crushed the fish on light tackle with the vertical jigs. The Lowrance HDS 8 kept us on the fish all morning long.

Striper fishing should continue to be hot of the next couple of weeks as we head into the holiday!!! We have some spots available over the July 4th weekend and the following week so get in on the action and book your next adventure with Captain Roland Lizotte, call 774-437-1882 for details.

20160618_104247 20160618_103216 20160618_103028 20160618_105326 20160618_10532220160619_11525820160619_11573915344

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Rock Solid Weekend Striper Fishing – Non-Stop Action!!!

Well, what can we say other than we had another rock solid weekend on the water with some great light tackle, top water striped bass fishing. Today we had Mary and her boys on board today for some fishing and once again, Reel Time put our clients on the fish!!

We were greeted with flat calm seas to start the day and a gorgeous sunrise as we made our way out of Brewers Plymouth Marine and headed off across Cape Cod Bay. The bay was like a mirror and flat calm. For miles across the bay, it looked like there were pot holes on the surface of the water but what we were seeing we schools of mackerel working along the surface. Such a great way to start your day.

We were headed back to the same area we had fish on our last few trips and after a quick 30 minute ride, our Lowrance HDS 8 lit up like a Christmas Tree when we arrived. I was getting excited and Mark and the crew could see it on my face. The bait and bass we so thick, you could’ve walked across them. We got everyone set up with a rod and on the first drop, wham, Fish On!!! The first fish of the day was just under the regulation size of 28″ so we made a quick release and decided to move in search of some larger fish.

As we started our move, the birds started to work the surface of the water in the direction we were headed and then all of a sudden, the surface erupted into a massive feed frenzy. We were in the middle of a huge striper surface feed. Everybody started casting and within minutes, we went tight. For the next couple of hours we were in the middle of surface feeding striped bass. Top water action, jigging action, you name it, we were on fish and at one point, we literally had them chasing bait right up to the hull of the boat. Great day on the water with fish over 40″!!! Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details. We have some spots open, so book now before they go fast. 

20160611_064402 20160611_095543 20160611_082927 20160611_095414

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Stripers Are In – Fish To 40+ Inches On Light Tackle

Well, it’s that time of year again to get in on the light tackle, fast action striper fishing that is currently taking place around Cape Cod’s surrounding waters. This past weekend did not disappoint the crew and we had limits of striped bass up to 40 inches.

Our day started leaving Brewers Plymouth Marine at 7:30am with the crew. The day started as overcast when we left the harbor which was perfect for the early morning topwater action we were looking for. As we turned around the number 9 can headed on our way to Provincetown, the birds were working the water hard and there were striped bass busting the surface of the water. We decided to make a quick pit stop to see what we could find. Well, we had about an hour of vertical jigging on schoolie striped bass to 27in.. While these were not the monster fish we were in search of, we started the day with tight lines.

After a few fish to the boat, we headed off to the Provincetown area. We we greeted to flat calm seas and a quick 30 minute ride across the bay. When we arrived to our spot, the fish were stacked up all along the bottom and our Lowrance HDS8 had no problem showing us where to find the fish. It didn’t take more than a minute or two of our jigs hitting the bottom and we were on. There is nothing like hooking into these striped bass on real light tackle and watching two 10 year old boys in the battle of their lives. For the next few hours we were on the fish, action was fast and the kids arms were burning by the end of the trip. We had our limit of fish with the trophy fish of the day being caught by one of the boys, 40 inches on the dot. Lot’s off keeper fish, with a lot of catch and release as well. Great day for the crew. We had a quick ride home as well with calm seas and the twin Evinrude E-tec’s from Eagle Marine served us well again.

Check out our facebook page for some great video as well. We are back on the water this week and through the weekend. The striper fishing should remain hot for the next few weeks and the bluefin tuna are just starting to show up. Get in on the great light tackle striper action while it’s hot. Contact Captain Roland Lizotte at 774-437-1882 for booking details!!

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