Sea and Sand Adventure

1-4 People, additional people $50/each. (max. 6 customers)
8-12 Hour Trips

The little island paradise of Browns Bank

The Sea and Sand Adventure has been designed for families or those of you that want a true fishing experience and enjoy an afternoon lounging on some of Massachusetts finest white sand beaches. This trip will leave port between 6:00 and 8:00 am and return back to by 8:00 pm depending on the type of charter you book. We can custom tailor this trip to suite your needs as well. We will head out of Plymouth Harbor for a morning of fishing for striped bass and bluefish. Once we hit mid day, we will pack up the fishing gear and head for one of the local beaches where we will provide your lunch and you will break out your towels and sun block for some fun in the sun. The afternoon will unfold at your pace, whether you want to lounge around in the sun, snorkel in the shallow and warm waters of the coastal beaches or just stroll some of the most beautiful and desolate white sand beaches, it is your call. Depending on which beach location you select will determine the type of activity you will find at the location beach. You can select from the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod on the Cape Cod National Seashore at Race Point, Herring Cove, Long Point, the remote "backside beaches" or a unique experience at Plymouth's Browns Bank.

We will shuttle you just off shore in the morning for a round of bluefish and striped bass fishing. After a hard morning of fishing, sit back and relax under the sun. Enjoy a light lunch and let the afternoon roll by at your own pace.

Enjoy casting for some Striped Bass from the waters edge while strolling along the white sand beaches.

Or pick one of the beaches out on the Cape Cod National Seashore....The pictures to the right and below are from Race Point which is at the very tip of Cape Cod. This location is only about 17 miles from the entrance to Plymouth Harbor, it has some of the world's finest Striped Bass fishing, secluded white sand beaches and is the only location on the east coast of the U.S. (besides the west coast of Florida) where you can see the sun set right into the water. There is just enough water across the 17 mile stretch of Cape Cod bay that the curve of the earth hides the land. As you can see from the picture above, whether you have been on the water for a 12 hour fishing trip or have booked the sea and sand adventure, you will be treated to some of the most beautiful sites this area has to offer.

If your interests are to try and capture the history of Cape Cod, local light houses as well as general knowledge of the area, then book an on the water tour of Cape Cod Light Houses with Reel-Time Fishing Charters. From the water you will have a view of these historic landmarks like none other. Below are pictures of of the Race Point Light House, Highland Light House, Long Point Light House and Wood End Light House. These are just a few that you will learn about along the way.