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Detailed Trip Information

We offer a variety of fishing trips and excursions that meet most of our customers needs. If by chance you do not see a trip or excursion that meets your needs, please ask us about custom trip options. At Reel Time Fishing Charters we can custom build a trip that will get you, your family, friends or co-workers on the water for the day.

Detailed Trip Information: Product

Ground Fishing - Cod and Haddock

8-12 Hour Trips
These trips are usually best during the spring (April-May) and fall (September-November) months however, we will run during the summer months as requested. We will leave from Plymouth Harbor, usually at 6:00 am, and will return between 2:00 and 6:00 pm depending on the charter you select. We have many different areas to fish that range from 5 miles to 35 miles off shore. We catch cod, haddock, wolf fish, pollack and other miscellaneous fish on these trips. The water depth varies from 90-350’ of water, depending on the time of year and where we fish. We usually drift fish using diamond jigs, cod rigs and fresh bait. Everyone is actively fishing during the entire trip, every person will have their own rod to fish with and the limit of fish we catch is only restricted by how actively you are working the rod. The departure and return to port times mentioned above can be changed upon special request. Remember, the 10-12 hour charters are the "FILL YOUR FREEZER" trips.


Inshore - Striped Bass and Bluefish - MOST POPULAR

This trip will run from late May through late October and is by far our most popular trip. Beginning in early May, the migration of bait into the New England area begins and where there is a lot of bait, there is a lot of trophy striped bass and monster bluefish. These game fish remain in our local waters through late October or as long as the water temperature remains at or above the 52-55 degree mark. We will run this charter leaving port around 6:00 am and returning between 2:00 and 6:00 pm depending on the charter you select. We will run your charter to where the fishing is at its finest. Typically, we will fish the waters from Race Point, Herring Cove, Wood End over to Provincetown or just about anywhere in Cape Cod Bay. We may also run your charter to the back side of Cape Cod, fishing the holes and waters from Chatham to Truro. While fishing for striped bass in these areas, we will usually fish 2 people at a time using wire line and trolling jigs along the sandy bottom. Fishing with wire line and trolling is best with two people actively fishing and can be the most productive way to raise these trophy fish from the bottom. We will also use live bait for drift fishing, this typically works best on overcast days or at sunrise and dusk. If your party is more than 2 people and we are trolling or using wire line, do not worry, there will be plenty of action for all and when you are not actively fishing, this is a great opportunity to enjoy every little bit the surroundings have to offer you. This trip is another excellent selection for the novice angler, families, children or anyone looking for that trophy fish. We guarantee fish with this one. Striped bass is also an excellent eating fish with a very white, flaky and mild tasting meat. Please keep in mind that recreational regulations limit possession of striped bass to 28" and two fish per person with commercial regulations restricted to the licensing of the vessel. 

Bluefish Trip
This trip will run from late May through early October. We will leave from Plymouth harbor around 6:00AM with a beautiful sunrise out of the east. Since there is very little travel time involved, you will be on the fish within minutes of leaving the dock. These trips are will have us returning to port between 12:00 and 6:00 pm depending on the type of charter you select. The primary target on this trip is bluefish but do not be surprised if we hook up to a few stripers or other native game fish. The water is usually warm with surface temps. reaching close to 75 degrees. We will set your charter up with light spinning and conventional tackle. For families and children, this trip is excellent because of the manageable fish, fast and exciting action (especially with bluefish) as well as the close proximity to shore. This trip also provides an excellent beginning for the novice angler. We guarantee fish with this one.


Offshore - Giant Bluefin Tuna

8-12 Hour Trips
Well, what is there to say about going for a GIANT!! Nothing other than it is pure adrenaline rushing through your body, especially knowing that any minute, you could be tangled up in the battle of a life time. This fishing is not for the faint of heart, this is for the serious angler looking to burn memories that will last for ever. We will leave Plymouth Harbor between 4:00 and 6:00 am and depending on the charter you select we will return back to port between 12:00 and 6:00 pm. We use only the finest big game tackle with Penn International 80STW's and custom rods. We will head off shore running to waters just north, north east and east of Provincetown and on occasion we will fish for giants in Cape Cod Bay. The course we will plot for you depends on where the giants have been roaming. We will catch our fresh, live bait on the way to our destination and soak them in the live well. Typically we use live bluefish for drift fishing and on occasion, we will drift mackerel. Once we arrive to the fishing grounds, we will set out lines out, watch and wait for activity. Since we are fishing live bait, once hooked up to a giant, we will get you set up in a stand up outfit or let you battle from our side mounted stand up rod holder. Once the battle is over, if the fish meets commercial requirements, we will clean the fish and get it ready for commercial sale. For any non- legal fish, we do practice proper catch and release methods so that these beautiful fish will remain in our waters for others to enjoy. We can not guarantee you will catch a GIANT with booking this charter since this species is highly migratory. If we do land a commercial GIANT, the fish will be sold and the vessel will keep the proceeds from the sale. However, what we do guarantee is lasting memories from the hook up and the battle with the GIANT as well as 50% refund for the price of the charter and 50% off your next booking with Reel-Time Fishing Charters.


Offshore Shark - Mako, Porbeagle, Thresher, Blue

8-12 Hour Trips
This is another charter that is not for the faint of heart and is recommended for those seeking an up close and personal look at some of natures toughest predators in the ocean. There are a variety of shark species that you will find in our off shore and coastal waters, however we primarily target Blue sharks, Makos and Threshers. While all the sharks mentioned are known for great battles, the Blue shark is one of the most common to our waters. Makos and Threshers are the ones that make great eating and are excellent to steak for the grill. With this charter, we will plan our trip much like the giant bluefin trip. We will leave Plymouth Harbor between 4:00 and 6:00 am and depending on the charter you select we will return back to port between 12:00 and 6:00 pm. We use only the finest big game tackle with Penn International 80STW's and custom rods. We will head off shore running to waters just north, north east and east of Provincetown. Once we reach our destination, we will set up drift, start a chum line and then set our live baits out to drift. From this point on, it is not a matter of if we will see a shark, it is just a matter of when. Just like many of the other recreational and commercial fisheries, sharks are a regulated species. If the shark meets recreational regulations and is edible, we will bring the fish aboard and fill your coolers full of steaks. For any non-legal fish, we do practice proper catch and release methods so that these beautiful fish will remain in our waters for others to enjoy.


Flounder & Fluke

These trips will run from late May through early September. Depending on where we are fishing for the day, we will leave Plymouth Harbor around 6: 00 am and head off to the east near Welfleet, Truro and Provincetown to try and raise some of these door mats off the sandy bottom. The larger flounder and more specifically fluke are known as door mats because of their flat shape and brownish colored appearance. The meat is very white, mild and excellent to eat. We will set your charter up with light spinning tackle and use fluke rigs with squid strips as bait. This type of fishing puts a rod in every anglers hand for the duration of the trip. While these fish do not provide the fight of a trophy striped bass or bluefish, they do offer fun and excitement on light spinning tackle. Recommended for families and children looking for fun fishing as well as a relaxing time on the water.


Combo Trips

These trips are designed to give anglers the best of both worlds and try their luck at taking home some fresh bluefin tuna. With this trip, you will get a half day fishing as described above with the cod/haddock charter and then on the way in from the cod fishing grounds, we will try our luck in raising some school bluefin or giant tuna. With this trip, once we are done cod fishing, we will break out the tuna gear and troll spreader bars or cast lures to breaking school tuna as we make our way back to port. The spreader bars are designed to attract school bluefin feeding in the upper levels of the water column, on occasion, you can raise a giant but it is far less common. You will usually see school bluefin tuna (also called footballs) breaking the surface of the water on the trips out to and back from the cod grounds. Why not take advantage of the great fishing all around you, right? With this trip, departure from and return times to port mirror all of the 8-12 hour schedules as we have outlined above. Most trips will leave the dock by 6:00 am and return between 2:00-6:00 pm depending on the charter you book.


This trip is designed and geared to those who are avid anglers looking to get on the water for a 4 hour fishing trip but they do not have a full group of people to charter the boat. It also makes a great gift certificate to give someone in your life a fishing experience that will last a life time. This trip will take 1 to 6 individuals on any given day and is a great alternative to the "party boat" style of fishing. You will have a chartered boat, possibly with other individuals for 4 hours that will get you to the fishing grounds quickly, with a safe, comfortable and dry ride which means more time fishing and less time running. This trip is only for bluefish and striped bass/bluefish trips.


The Sea and Sand Adventure has been designed for families or those of you that want a true fishing experience and enjoy an afternoon lounging on some of Massachusetts finest white sand beaches. This trip will leave port between 6:00 and 8:00 am and return back to by 8:00 pm depending on the type of charter you book. We can custom tailor this trip to suite your needs as well. We will head out of Plymouth Harbor for a morning of fishing for striped bass and bluefish. Once we hit mid day, we will pack up the fishing gear and head for one of the local beaches where we will provide your lunch and you will break out your towels and sun block for some fun in the sun. The afternoon will unfold at your pace, whether you want to lounge around in the sun, snorkel in the shallow and warm waters of the coastal beaches or just stroll some of the most beautiful and desolate white sand beaches, it is your call. Depending on which beach location you select will determine the type of activity you will find at the location beach. You can select from the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod on the Cape Cod National Seashore at Race Point, Herring Cove, Long Point, the remote "backside beaches" or a unique experience at Plymouth's Browns Bank.


This trip will provide you, your family and friends with a unique way to experience all of the different marine life that the surrounding waters have to offer. With a quick run off shore to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Cape Cod Bay and the Great South Channel, we can place you with a private viewing one of the oceans largest mammals, the humpback whale. During your trip, we may also encounter seals, sea turtles, basking sharks and sunfish. In addition to the marine life, we also offer you a trip that will take you on a tour of some of the South Shore of Massachusetts and Cape Cod's most historic light houses and land marks. From the water, you will get a first hand look at these historic landmarks and how they have survived the years in this harsh environment. Ask us how we can tailor this trip to your needs for a true New England Adventure on the water.

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