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Our Gurantee and Contests


1. Biggest Fish for the Month -this will be for any given month during the charter season beginning in April and ending in November. If you catch the biggest fish for the month out of all our trips, we will offer 1 of the following to you:
a. Free reel time fishing charters shirt.
b. $40 off your next charter trip. 

2. Beat the Captain -this will apply to any of our charter trips and will give you the chance to test your skills against the Captain. We will pick a specific date in June, July, August and September to run this trip if you are interested. The Captain will fish along with your charter similar to the “Beat the Jersey Girl” contest. If you catch the biggest fish (any species qualifies) and beat the Captain, we will offer you $100 off the cost of your trip as well as a reel time fishing charters shirt. 

3. Money Back Guarantee On All 6 Hour Plus Offshore Trips -this will apply to our (offshore, Race Point/Outer Cape) Striped Bass/Bluefish Trips where we GUARANTEE STRIPED BASS or BLUEFISH to the boat. If we do not catch any striped bass or bluefish, you will have the option for a full refund for the cost of your trip or you can schedule another trip on us (free)!! (trips must be re-scheduled within the same year and offer applies to all trips from June-September) 

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