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November Tuna Blitz

Well, the fall weather has been quite the challenge this year and has kept most of the fishing fleet from getting offshore. The few days that we have been able to get out have produced non-stop tuna action and let me tell you, the fall run of fish this year is in a class of its own. We have seen many fish well over the 500lb, 100" mark this fall and this past weekends trip with the Reel Time Fishing crew put us on a beast of a fish. While this fish wasn't one of our largest, it definitely tested our skills as the battle to get this fish on deck lasted 4 hours. In the end, we managed to get this 548lb, 101" bluefin tuna on deck and a one way ticket to the auction. There is still plenty of fishing left in the season so give us a call to get in on this giant tuna action.

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